Are you interested in volunteering?

Radley Good Neighbours welcomes new volunteers. Volunteering can be very rewarding both for you and those you are helping. You can choose the tasks that you offer to help with depending on your interests and strengths. You are under no obligation to agree to every request for help. You will need to be 16 years or over and be prepared to undergo a DBS check and to provide two character references. If you are interested, please contact the Co-ordinator on 07716 460 162

The procedure summary can be seen 

How it works...


When the Co-ordinator receives an appropriate request, you will be contacted with details of the task.

If you are available, then you will need to check the risk assessment for that task. You are also required to familiarize yourself with our policies


If, you are not longer available for the agreed task, or you are unhappy about the task, you should contact the Co-ordinator and inform the scheme user of the problem. The user should be reassured tha the Co-ordinator will be in contact as soon as possible.


The Radley Good Neighbours Scheme is free to use for the client, and free to take part in as a volunteer. Where possible, we try to avoid incurring cost; however, if you find yourself out of pocket for volunteering, you can claim back your expenses (form is available to download                ).


All volunteers in the scheme are covered by public liability insurance which guards agains claims for accidental damage or personal injury caused by volunteers in the scheme.

Thank you for your interest, we hope to welcome you on board soon!

Training for Volunteers


We propose offering training on many subjects relevant to volunteering roles, such as:

  • Moving and handling

  • listening skills

  • first aid

  • assertiveness

  • mental health awareness

  • understanding dementia


We also offer social events for volunteers!


You can download a volunteer application form 

Data Protection

The Radley Good Neighbours Scheme keeps records of all volunteers with personal information as given on your application form. No-one other than Radley Good Neighbours Scheme Committee Members are able to acces this information, which is kept securely, eighter manually or electronically.

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