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Do you have a one off task or need regular help? 

Please call us on 07716 460 162



Would you like our help?



How it works...

  • When you phone, the Co-ordinator will answer

  • You can discuss your requirements so a suitable volunteer can be matched to the task

  • The Co-ordinator will let you know who is coming

  • The Volunteer will arrive to carry out the task (please feel free to check their photo ID).

  • The Co-ordinator remains the main point of contact for any questions or even compliments you may have!


All our Volunteers...

·     are 16 years or over

·     carry photo-ID

·     receive training

·     are required to consult our risk assessments for the tasks that we offer.

·     If the job requires entering your home, the volunteer will have been checked with the Disclosure and Barring Service -DBS (previously CRB)

·     are covered by public liability insurance taken out by the national Good Neighbours Scheme



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