We can help you with...

We can get your shopping or pick up your prescriptions for you.

We can help with paperwork such as letters, non-legal form filling/advocacy

Need to change light bulbs, fuses, batteries, check smoke alarms? We can help.

Do you want someone to drop in now and again for a chat or a cup of tea?

We can help with light gardening jobs.

We can help with general household cleaning

Do you need a lift to get to the shops, library, doctor? We can help

Need dog walking or help with other pets? Ask us.

We can help with small home maintenance tasks.

Small print? No problem, we can help read for you.

Need help with using the internet? Want assistance with email? Call us, we can help.

...the things a good neighbour would do!

Please note: some tasks, such as childcare, cooking meals and formal caring are not included.

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